Youth Philharmonic Tauranga

BACK IN 2018!

After a successful first year, with two well attended concerts at the Graham Young Youth Theatre, the YPT is now enjoying its summer break. We will be back with a vengeance in 2018, where we have another two concerts planned, the first of which most likely be Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th of May. Keep these dates free in your diary! Rehearsals should be starting late February or early March.

Meanwhile, existing players are welcome to confirm they will play again next year, and new players are more than welcome to enquire about joining us.

Finally, thank you to all those people who have helped realize YPT!


About the YPT

After being without a youth orchestra for two decades, Tauranga saw the birth of the Youth Philharmonic Tauranga during a symphonic workshop in October 2016. In 2017, the YPT presented two complete and well attended concerts at the Graham Young Youth Theatre.

The Music Director and main conductor is Justus Rozemond, who also conducts the Bay of Plenty Symphonia

Information for new players

The YPT holds weekly rehearsals on Wednesday evening (7-9pm at the Historic Village). Note that rehearsal attendance is compulsory (but there are no rehearsalsduring school holidays). If you are interested in playing with us, do make sure to contact us, ideally using the registration form you can find on this web-site (top right).

There is a  subscription payable ($20 per player per programme in 2017).

For any information about the Youth Philharmonic Tauranga,contact us via

The presence of a youth orchestra in town is vital for the artistic health of Tauranga, so please support us in any way you can!

We REALLY, REALLY appreciate the support of our various sponsors:

Justus Rozemond

YPT Music Director

21 October2017